Providing Breathing Space

What to expect from 1:1 Yoga lessons

A Free initial half hour consultation to discuss your requirements and format of lessons.
First lesson is 1hr 30mins and after initial information gathering, I will guide you through a practice tailored specifically to your needs ensuring you are comfortable with its role.
The practice will be drawn up and given to you, to practice at home.
Practices usually start at about 25 minutes long (apart from some therapeutic practices which may be shorter).
We meet every 2-3 weeks, over a 3 month period to review and refine your practice.
I recommend 6 lessons initially (3 lessons & 3 reviews).
Students practice at home aiming for 4-6 times a week, to ensure noticeable benefit from practice.
Confidentiality is always observed.

If you are interested in safely having your own home yoga practice OR would like a home practice to support you outside of a group class then please contact me to arrange a free consultation.

Please note, I truly believe in the benefits for yoga and don’t think anyone should be excluded from practice for financial reasons. Therefore, please contact me if the contribution you feel able to make is different from the costs I quote.