Providing Breathing Space

About Morven

I am a housewife and mother with a passion for Yoga and Yoga philosophy and have practiced yoga for 19 years. I establish my own daily yoga practice with the assistance of a 1:1 yoga teacher over several years and continue to practice daily. My practice supports my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, my energy, my studies and my teaching.

Having experienced health issues, and seen the immense suffering in family members with chronic ill health, my personal goal with yoga was initially to optimise my own health. The inability of conventional healthcare to address many health issues, lead me to the Yoga for Health and Educational Trust (Y4HET), where I was introduced to the idea of yoga as a therapy. This discovery is what inspired me to teach Yoga. I studied a foundation training certificate in yoga with Y4HET and through this was introduced to the teachings of Śri T Krishnamacharya as taught by his son T.K.V Desikachar. I then sought yoga teacher training with one of his students.

In 2009 I began studying with Paul Harvey, a student of Desikachar for 23 years. In 2010 I started Paul’s 3 year Yoga Teacher and Therapy Practitioner training and have been teaching for 6 years. In 2011, I completed a module on Yoga in pregnancy.
I continue to be inspired by the teachings of TKV Desikachar. From 2012- 2013 I studied Ayurveda and further Yoga Sutra studies, on a postgraduate training programme, again with Paul Harvey. I now continue my studies with Sylviane Gianina.

My interest in health led me to study medical sciences at Glasgow University, graduating 1993 with an honours degree in Biochemistry. Over 8 years I worked in various roles within the pharmaceutical industry, in medicine safety (specialising in vaccine safety), providing drug and medical information to healthcare professionals before working as a clinical research scientist, with doctors to test new medicines in development. These roles have given me an excellent grounding in physiology and disease pathology in many different disease areas. However, my interests are evolving and approaches to healing, like Yoga, that recognise energy and energy pathways within the body, fascinate me and I’m sure in time, these energies will be verified by quantum physics.