Providing Breathing Space

Group Classes

  • What to expect in a group class:
    • Breath focused āsana (yoga postures), in a non-competitive environment.
    • Postures adapted to suit all regardless of physical ability. The emphasis is placed on the function of the posture rather than its form and students progress at their own rate.
    Prāāyama (breathing practices).
    • To begin to work with sound.
    • To be introduced to energetic principles of Haṭha yoga
    • Learn about key teachings from yoga philosophy.
    • To develop meditational qualities & techniques.
  • Benefits:
    • Dedicated time to yourself to recharge, away from life’s commitments.
    • Improve and maintain physical strength, mobility and flexibility.
    • Calm the mind, improve mental clarity and concentration.
    • Cultivate deeper awareness of your ‘self’